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The National Institute serves as a high level centre for reflection, research and dialogue. Here, academics of excellence, seasoned policy initiators and executors and other citizens of mature experience and wisdom, drawn from all walks of life, meet to reflect and exchange ideas on the great and critical issues of society, particularly as they relate to Nigeria and Africa, within the context of a constantly changing world. The Institute aims to be a model institution for inculcating the highest national ideals and achieving the best results from a rational deployment and utilization of resources. To achieve these objectives, the Institute, among other things:

  • Conducts courses for top level policy makers and executors drawn from different sectors of the country, with a view to widening their outlook and perspectives on issues and improving their conceptual capacity, quality of analysis and decision making;
  • Conducts research into the social, cultural, economic, political, scientific, technological, security and other problems that face Nigeria with a view to contributing to the search for their solutions;
  • Conducts seminars, workshops and other action-orientated programmes for leaders and potential leaders in the public service, the private sector, political organizations, professional bodies and other groups with a view to enhancing their appreciation of long-range national plans and objectives, and applying themselves to solving these problems;
  • Organizes brainstorming sessions for the purpose of discussing urgent national issues and recommending policy measures for their solution;
  • Disseminates information through published works, monographs and reports on any part of its activities.